Son of the Navy

  • 1940

26 %
$ 59 Million

Son of the Navy is a 1940 English-language Drama Comedy film written by True Boardman, Grover Jones, Marion Orth and George Waggner. The movie is directed by William Nigh and produced by Scott R. Dunlap and Grant Withers under the banner of Monogram Pictures. Actually, the sailor wants nothing to do with the boy, who we eventually find out is an orphan who ran away from the orphanage, trying to find a new Mom and Dad. The sailor, not knowing anything about the boy, thinks he'll be successful hitchhiking alone back to his ship. It's the boy who has the idea of pretending to be the sailor's kid, jumping into his arms, pretending to be a sick kid, prompting a well-meaning woman to pick them both up. The boy continues to pretend that the sailor is his dad, causing many problems for the sailor when everyone believes the boy, and doesn't believe the sailor. The movie continues, sometimes humorously, and often dramatically, as the main characters continue to grow closer together, becoming the family that they were not, before. An enjoyable diversion for a weekday afternoon (I'm watching it on FETV). Written by JohnK. Son of the navy features Jean Parker in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including James Dunn, Martin Spellman, Selmer Jackson, William Royle, Sarah Padden and Craig Reynolds. The music was composed by Edward J. Kay. Cinematography was done by Harry Neumann and editing by Russell F. Schoengarth. The film has a running time of 72 minutes. It was released on 30th March 1940.

Release Date 30 MAR 1940
Run Time 1 HOUR 12 MINUTES
Budget $ 84 MILLION



Drama , Comedy

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