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Squatters is a 2014 English-language Crime Drama motion picture written by Justin Shilton and directed by Martin Weisz and produced by Cordula Betz, Todd Moyer, Julius R. Nasso and Martin Weisz. In Venice, California, Kelley Tanner and Jonas Trumball are homeless teenagers who live on the beach and spend the day using drugs, drinking booze and shoplifting to survive. One day, Jonas overhears a conversation in a parking area between a woman named Evelyn and her housekeeper, and Evelyn tells that she will travel for one month with her husband David and she gives the alarm code to her servant. Jonas s the chance to rob the house and brings Kelley with him. Kelley is in need of family love since she was a foster girl that left her foster house to live on the streets, and she spends the days watching the home videos of Evelyn, David, their son Michael, who has a poster of The Kid in his room, and their deceased daughter Stephanie. But Jonas is interested in robbing as much as possible to start a new life in Mexico. He meets a dangerous criminal to fence the jewelry and the Porsches of the family. But the family returns and Kelley and Jonas need to flee from the house. When Kelley is wandering on the streets, she stumbles upon a movie theater that is showing Charles Chaplin's The Kid. She buys a ticket and realizes that she is alone in the theater; out of the blue, Michael enters the theater and sits near her. Soon they drink coffee together and Michael dates Kelley and falls in love with her. Kelly does not disclose her past to Michael but soon she is haunted by what she did. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Squatters stars Gabriella Wilde in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Thomas Dekker, Richard Dreyfuss, Luke Grimes, Lolita Davidovich, Andrew Howard and Evan Ross. The music was composed by Mario Grigorov. Cinematography was done by Harold Skinner and editing by Carsten Kurpanek. The motion picture has a running time of 102 minutes. It was released on 13th May 2014. Distribution rights for the motion picture were acquired by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Release Date 13 MAY 2014
Run Time 1 HOUR 42 MINUTES



Crime , Drama

Cast & Crew