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Swaha is a 2010 hindi-language Drama Fantasy motion picture. For the first time ever Guru Maharaj decides to leave his Ashram and visits the house of one his devotees, Jayant Oberoi. He is very welcomed by Jayant and his wife, Sharda, and is informed that their son, Raj, who is not present, has gone to a Mandir to perform prayers. The Guru is pleased and even decides to spend the night there, but ends up leaving abruptly after having nightmares and an unsettling occult experience. The next day Jayant's maidservant, Kamla, notices blood oozing from the wall in the shape of a crucifix, informs Sharda, who, in turn informs her husband, but the latter finds no evidence. While welcoming Raj's Caucasian girlfriend, Eli, from the United States, he finds that his son has been spending time in bars, pubs, and consuming alcohol then in meditation amidst numerous other unexplained incidents, accidents, deaths, and financial losses. Little does he know that Guru Maharaj himself is facing mystical challenges and must k answers from Baba Sankataprasad. The latter visits the Oberoi residence and warns it's inhabitants about the presence of an unknown entity - a presence so powerful that it may not be repelled by the combined powers of both the Baba and the Guru themselves. Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com). Swaha features Rikkee in the title role along with an ensemble cast including Manoylo Svitlana, Ishrat Ali, Jiten Mukhi, Shekar Shukla, Madhuri Sanjeev and Rajesh Vivek. It was released on 12th March 2010. Swaha was made on a budget of ₹60 lakh and at the box office it grossed only ₹4 lakh.

Release Date 12 MAR 2010
Budget ₹ 60 LAKHS

Hindi, Marathi, English


Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Cast & Crew