40 %
32 % Rotten
$ 6 Million

Switchback is a 1997 English-language Crime Mystery movie written and directed by Jeb Stuart and produced by Gale Anne Hurd under the banner of Pacific Western Production. F.B.I. agent Frank LaCrosse returns home to find his home has been broken into, his son is missing and Missy the babysitter is lying in a pool of her own insides. Her murder being the hallmarks of a elusive enigmatic serial killer whose slaughter spree..stretches nearly two years. Frank's desperate pursuit leads to Amarillo, Texas, where two victims matching the killers M.O. have been found slashed to death. As Frank searches for his suspect the local Sheriff Buck Olmstead and his Deputy Nate Booker investigate the killings in-between a heated election feud, with his competition police chief Jack McGinnis. All the while drifting former doctor Lane Dixon is picked up by ex-railroad man, Bob Goodall. As a local Mechanic, Clyde 'Shorty' Callahan becomes the latest victim. Frank hopes and prays to find this sociopath before he disappears perhaps forever into the rocky mountains Written by Suspicious. Switchback features Dennis Quaid in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Danny Glover, Jared Leto, Ted Levine, R. Lee Ermey, Claudia Stedelin and Ian Nelson. The music was composed by Basil Poledouris. Editing was done by Conrad Buff. The movie has a running time of 120 minutes. It was released on 31st December 1997. Switchback was made on a budget of $38 million and at the box office it grossed only $6 million. Distribution rights for the motion picture were acquired by Paramount Pictures.

Release Date 31 DEC 1997
Run Time 1 HOUR 58 MINUTES
Budget $ 38 MILLION



Crime , Mystery , Thriller

Cast & Crew