Fourteen-year-old Shruti Tandon is found dead at her home in Sameer Vihar in Noida by her parents, Ramesh and Nutan, during the night of 15–16 March 2008. The local police force, led by Inspector Dhaniram, are incompetent and do not know the basics of criminal investigation. They initially look for Khempal, the missing servant; his decomposed body is later found on the terrace of the building where the Tandons live. The police question Kanhaiya, Khempal's close friend and the Tandons' assistant, who tells them that Ramesh might have been involved in an extra-marital affair and Khempal might have been involved in a relationship with Shruti. They begin to suspect the Tandons, and declare the murders a clear case of honour killing.

On 25 March, the Noida police arrest Ramesh for the murders. The police chief organises a press conference, at which he says that Ramesh murdered Shruti and Khempal after he found them in a compromising position. The victim blaming of Shruti leads to public outrage, and the case is given to Joint Director Ashwin Kumar of the Central Department of Investigation (CDI) and ACP Vedant. Kumar is contemptuous of the sloppy first responders, who botched the initial crime-scene investigation. He believes that the parents are innocent, and methodically builds a case against the father's resentful assistant. His team uses narco tests in their attempt to prove that the assistant (and two accomplices) committed the murders.

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