Ezhil (Arun Vijay) is a decent construction businessman in love with a girl named Deepika (Tanya Hope) who works in his building. They both have a good relationship, when one day, Deepika leaves Ezhil to Bangalore for a marriage function. His lookalike Kavin (Arun Vijay) is a thief and a gambler who is always on the lookout to make fast money along with his crony Suruli (Yogi Babu). Kavin first thinks of using a girl named Ananthi (Smruthi Venkat) to get money by cheating her, as she loves him truly. Even after she gets to know that he is lying and not loving her, she does her best to help him by giving him her dowry money. Kavin is stuck in a hard circumstance where he needs to submit an amount of 9 lakhs to a thug in exchange of Suruli's life. Thinking about the loan taken from the thug and saving Suruli, he gets really angry. Meanwhile, Ezhil is seen leaving his company party early and is seen angry in the car.

Soon then, one of them is seen going to a person's house named Akash. Akash is murdered, and the cops arrive to investigate. They find few evidences, and Sub-Inspector Malarvizhi (Vidya Pradeep) takes charge of the case with the orders of Gopalakrishnan (FEFSI Vijayan). Malar soon finds out a selfie evidence in which Kavin/Ezhil's photo is caught. They take great effort to find him and are puzzled to find two lookalikes, Ezhil and Kavin. Gopalakrishnan tells the cops not to tell each other about the lookalike matter and tries to put the blame on Ezhil to settle an old score with him. They investigate both of them privately and find that both of them have wounds in their hands which the police thinks that would have been an attack from Akash. They also find that the cash from his house is missing and then suspect Kavin, due to his debt issue. Later, Kavin says that he got the cash from gambling and shows proof for it. They later perform a DNA test on them for getting more clues. Malar asks Ezhil why he left his party really quick, for which he says that he had gone to a registration office, but as soon as they discovered that he did not and asked him about it, he says that the tyre of his car was punctured and a taxi driver helped him replace his tyre .

It is then when Ezhil sees Kavin during an attempt to escape, and they both get into a fight. They are later blocked by the policemen and are taken to their cells. Their DNA results arrive and appear to be the same, as it is revealed that both Kavin and Ezhil are identical twins who contain the same DNA. They were the children of two parents who got into an argument easily. The parents divorced each other, with the mother (Sonia Agarwal) taking Kavin and the father taking Ezhil with them. They say that their mother, died with jaundice but it was actually suicide, which only Kavin knew as his mother was a gambler. Soon, a cat and mouse game starts as both of them try to frame each other. Later, they try to find a fingerprint evidence in Akash's house, which accidentally gets erased by a police. They then reach Ezhil's house, where they find nothing too. When Ezhil is alone one day, Malar asks him where he had gone the next day morning, for which he says that he had gone to give money to Gopalakrishnan's daughter . Ezhil did not say that in front of Gopalakrishnan for the old dispute between them. Malar was convinced that Kavin was the killer and arranged a fake witness, that is the call taxi driver to save Ezhil because she knew Gopalakrishnan was going to frame Ezhil. Finally with no clue and no evidence, the court says to leave them both due to the laws of the indian judicial system which states that no innocent person must be punished even if its in the cost of leaving the guilty unpunished. The judge had to release both because he knew one of them was guilty but the prosecution failed to prove who the killer was and he has no right to punish the innocent. Both were released from police custody and case was dismissed.

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