The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is available to stream on NetFlix. It was released in 2018 and has a runtime of 133 minutes. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a 2018 English Comedy Drama film written and directed by Ethan Coen,Joel Coen. The Film was Produced by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. The Movie features Tim Blake Nelson in the lead role along with Willie Watson, Clancy Brown, Danny McCarthy, David Krumholtz in supporting roles. It was released on 16th November 2018 and it received positive reviews from critics when it was released.

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Certificate 15 (POLAND)
Release Date 16 NOV 2018
Run Time 133 MINUTES



Comedy , Drama , Musical , Mystery , Romance , Western

Cast & Crew


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Buster Scruggs, a cheerful outlaw and misanthrope, arrives at an isolated bar full of other outlaws where he exchanges insults with another patron before effortlessly shooting everyone as they reach for their guns. He then heads to town and enters a saloon, leaving his guns at the door to comply with its no firearms policy. He joins a game of poker that a player has suddenly left, but discovers the player vacated the seat after being dealt the infamous dead man's hand, which the other players insist Buster play now that he has seen the cards. When Buster refuses, a large menacing player named Joe stands and draws a concealed pistol. After failing to persuade Joe to end the confrontation, Buster repeatedly kicks a plank in the poker table, which tips Joe's gun hand so that his pistol points backwards and discharges into his face. Having shot himself three times, Joe falls dead.

Buster breaks into a boisterous song (loosely based upon "Little Joe the Wrangler") about "Surly Joe," much to the patrons' delight. Joe's brother arrives in dismay and challenges Buster to a gunfight in the street. Buster gladly obliges and proceeds to shoot off each of the fingers of his right hand before finishing him off with the sixth shot.

A polite young man clad in black then rides into town and challenges Buster. Buster again happily obliges, but much to his surprise, the young man is an even faster draw and shoots him through his forehead. Buster examines the wound in disbelief before collapsing, admitting via voice-over that he should have foreseen that "you can't be top dog forever." The young man and Buster then sing a bittersweet duet as Buster's spirit rises from his body and floats towards heaven, complete with angel wings and a lyre, and expressing hope of a place above where people are better than they are on Earth.

Near Algodones

A young cowboy robs an isolated bank on the prairie. As he is fleeing the jabbering bank teller shoots at him, forcing him to take cover behind a well. He returns fire, but the teller charges him while wearing a washboard and several pots and pans as armor, which deflect all the cowboy's bullets as the teller repeatedly cackles "Pan shot!" The teller knocks the cowboy out with his rifle butt, and when the cowboy regains consciousness, he is sitting upon his horse under a tree with his hands tied and a noose around his neck. The lawman and posse who captured him ask for his final words, since they "convicted" him and sentenced him to death while he was semi-conscious. The execution is interrupted by ambushing Comanche warriors who quickly slaughter the lawman and posse but leave the cowboy in place upon the horse. After a time, a drover happens by and frees the cowboy, who then joins him on his drive. However, the drover is actually a rustler, and they are promptly chased down by another lawman's posse. The posse captures the cowboy and takes him into town, where the sheriff summarily orders him to hang. As the cowboy stands upon the gallows with three other men awaiting execution, he spots a beautiful young woman in the crowd and mutters, "There's a pretty girl," before the hangman abruptly hoods him and pulls the trapdoor lever to cheers and applause.

Meal Ticket

An aging impresario and his artist Harrison, a young man with no arms or legs, travel from town to town in a wagon that converts into a small stage where Harrison theatrically recites classics such as Shelley's poem "Ozymandias"; the biblical story of Cain and Abel; works by Shakespeare, in particular Sonnet 29; and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

The impresario collects money from the audience at the end of each performance, with profits dwindling as they visit increasingly remote mountain towns with smaller and more indifferent audiences. Following a performance that yields no profit, the impresario observes a man nearby drawing a crowd with a chicken that can ostensibly perform basic math by pecking at painted numbers to answer addition and subtraction equations that the audience calls out. After buying the chicken, the impresario drives the wagon through a mountain pass and stops by a bridge over a rushing river. He walks to the center of the bridge and drops a large stone to gauge the water's depth before returning to the wagon wearing a faint smile. In the final scene, the impresario has resumed driving the wagon, with the caged chicken as his only passenger.

All Gold Canyon

A grizzled prospector arrives in a pristine mountain valley and decides to dig for gold in a grassy meadow beside a river. Over the course of several days, he pans through shovelfuls to count the gold specks, and then begins digging a deeper hole once he's identified the location of their likely source. After his first night camping at the site, he spots a great horned owl tending its treetop nest at the edge of the valley. When he climbs up and reaches the nest, the mother owl's watchful gaze from a nearby tree causes him to replace three of the four eggs he had taken for his meal.

On his third day, he digs out gold nuggets of increasing size before finally reaching "Mr. Pocket", a large gold vein running through the quartz he's uncovered. But no sooner does he make his discovery than a shadow falls over him; a young man who has been trailing the prospector and letting him do all the work has snuck to the edge of the hole. He shoots the prospector in the back and the prospector falls face down. When the young man jumps into the hole to steal the gold, the prospector stops playing dead, wrestles the young man's gun away, and kills him with it. The prospector then cleans and assesses his wound in the stream, confirming it's not lethal. He finishes mining the gold, pushes the young man's body back into the hole to serve as his grave, and departs the valley.

The Gal Who Got Rattled

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