The Silent Fall

  • 2007

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$ 0 Million

The Silent Fall is a 2007 English-language Drama motion picture. A Doctor in a rural hospital is brutally murdered. Just another killing, or is there something sinister behind this apparently random death? Thandi Khumalo, a beautiful young doctor working in an Aids ward sets out to find out why her colleague was murdered. As Thandi gets involved she uncovers a cold-blooded conspiracy, which has put the lives of millions at stake. Thandi finds herself caught between two powerful men, both claiming that they will uncover the lies and deception and help her find the truth. Millions of people are dying of AIDS, millions of dollars of AID money is available and nobody can be trusted. Thandi must decide whom she believes. As both men compete for her affection and struggle to outwit each other, she is caught in a dilemma - what to follow, the dictates of the head or the heart? Thandi battles to get to the bottom of the intrigue but time is against her, someone is following her and people are being killed. Caught in a maze of deception, Thandi is forced to trust her instincts in order to outwit her foe. Thanks to Thandi's efforts, the case is finally brought to court, but there are surprises and twists yet to be revealed as Thandi finally discovers the true identity of the man behind the conspiracy Written by Christopher James. The silent fall features Miles Anderson in the title role along with an ensemble cast including Ron Bailey, Merlin Balie, Leon Clingman, Lynita Crofford, Brent Dawes and Michael Dube.

Release Date 2007
Run Time 1 HOUR 34 MINUTES




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