Jay, a young British Asian, is hired to kidnap a woman at her wedding. He prepares himself for a trip to Pakistan, using several passports and the clothes on his back. Once he arrives in Pakistan, he travels to Younganabad, switching car rentals every couple hundred of miles and buying equipment he needs, including pistols and duct tape.

He arrives at a wedding party, introducing himself as Asif, a university friend of Hassan, the brother of the bride. He scouts the town including the family home in which the wedding party are staying. Later that night, he sneaks into the house and kidnaps the bride, Samira. As he leads Samira from the house, a guard witnesses the kidnapping and tries to intervene. Jay shoots him dead. He then places Samira in the boot of his rental car and leaves the town as Samira's family and their friends find the guard dead and Samira missing.

Samira was expecting Jay because it turns out that she was in an arranged marriage and she's in love with another man, her Indian boyfriend Deepesh, the man who hired Jay. Samira is given the choice to continue to Lahore and meet Deepesh or return to her family and arranged marriage. Samira chooses to continue to Lahore with Jay.

From Lahore they cross the Indo-Pak border to reach Amritsar. Jay purchases 5 burner phones and 10 SIM cards and attempts to reach Deepesh. Samira tells Jay that the number he has for Deepesh is for his UK mobile and that he also has a local number.

Jay eventually reaches Deepesh who tells Jay that he is not at the rendezvous in Amritsar and is still in London but reassured him that he will be in India the following day.

The kidnapping and killing of the guard makes the international news which causes complications, and Deepesh quickly changes his mind about bringing Samira out. In New Delhi the following day, Deepesh tells Jay to dump Samira back in Pakistan and put everything back as it was. Jay agrees but tells Deepesh he will need a further £20,000.

Back at the hotel, Jay tells Samira that Deepesh doesn't want to see her and told Jay to take her back to Pakistan. She tells Jay that she does not want to do this but that she wants to see Deepesh before she does anything else.

The next day in Jaipur, Jay meets Deepesh who gives him half of the money for transporting Samira back to Pakistan. Deepesh tells Jay he will have the other half of his money once the job is complete. However Jay tells him that they will not see each other again, so he needs all of his money beforehand. Deepesh tells Jay that he can have the other half of the money the following day. Jay tells Deepesh to make a reservation at a hotel out of town and that he and Samira will meet him and go there together.

The next day, Deepesh collects Jay and Samira from town, and the three set off for the hotel in Deepesh's SUV. During the journey, Samira asks if she and Deepesh can speak in private. Jay agrees and tells Deepesh to pull over so he can get out of the vehicle; he continues driving until Jay pulls his pistol on him. Jay asks Deepesh for the balance of his money before exiting the car leaving Samira and Deepesh to talk. From a distance Jay can hear Deepesh and Samira arguing and sees Deepesh turn violent towards Samira. Jay returns to the car and drags Deepesh out of his seat. The pair fight, and while Jay turns back to check on Samira, Deepesh attacks him with a rock. Jay retaliates and ends up killing Deepesh with the rock.

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