The story revolves around the life of Rahul (Bhushan Pradhan), a computer engineer who lost his job. As he is jobless, he is also turned down by his girlfriend - Priya's father, who he was about to marry.

At the same time he is hounded by a loan shark- Bhai Raja (Satish Rajwade) from whom he borrowed money for his sister's marriage. At the present day he has a deadline to return money to the loan shark till 5 pm. His day turns upside down when he is robbed of money he got from his best friend to repay Bhai Raja. Meanwhile, Priya decides to run away from her father and elope with Rahul. Suspecting on Rahul, Priya's father lodges a complaint against him in the nearby police station. So now Rahul is a fugitive from both, the law as well as Bhai Raja. Rahul is broke, confused and helpless and adding to his problems, he is also pressurized by his brother-in-law to give a hefty amount to start a business. Helpless and desperate Rahul wants to get out of the nightmare.

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