• 2001

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Yuvaraja is a 2001 Kannada-language Drama motion picture written by M. S. Ramesh and R. Rajashekhar. The movie is directed by Puri Jagannadh and produced by R. Srinivas under the banner of R S Productions. Yuvaraja stars Shiva Rajkumar, Lisa Ray, Bhavna Pani, Shivarajkumar, Avinash, Balaraj and Umesh. The screenplay is written by Puri Jagannath which is inspired from Thammudu. The music was composed by Ramana Gogula. Cinematography was done by K. Datthu and editing by S. Manohar. The movie has a running time of 147 minutes. Distribution rights for the movie were acquired by Bahar Films. Raju alias Yuvaraja is the youngest son of a family and a careless guy, always going around girls and enjoying with them. His womanizing habits are a source of heartburn for his father. However, his elder brother Chakri is a kickboxer and his father's favourite son, who is very fond of him. Janu, Yuvaraja's neighbour, is in love with him, but it is just one sided as Raju considers her a good friend and a source of money and cars to impress girls (Janu's father is a garage owner). He falls in love with Lovely, a rich girl, and poses as a rich guy to impress her. However, she soon finds out that Raju has lied to her. Lovely dumps Yuvaraja and insults him in front of his father. Raju's father, tired of his son's antics, kicks him out of the house and shuns him. Later, Chakri is attacked by his enemies and is bedridden, unable to take part in the kickboxing championship. Raju decides to fight for his brother and to redeem himself in his father's eyes by fighting in the championship match against Rohith, who happens to be Lovely's new boyfriend and the leader of the goons who beat Vetri earlier. Deciding to k revenge for his brother's accident and to prove himself to his father, Yuvaraja defeats Rohith, redeems himself in front of his father's eyes and finally accepts Janu's love. Hence the film ends with a happy ending, and everyone greets Raju as Yuvaraja.

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