26 Men

  • 1957

63 %

26 Men is a 1957 English-language Western show written by Dwight V. Babcock, Oliver Drake, Warren Douglas, Tom Hubbard, Sloan Nibley, Lawrence Resner and Samuel Roeca. The series is directed by Franklin Adreon, Joseph Kane and Reg Browne and produced by William Dennis and Russell Hayden under the banner of Russell Hayden Productions for Syndication. 26 men features Tristram Coffin in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Kelo Henderson, Hal Hopper, Jack Riggs, Bob Pollard, Ed Morgan and John Redmond. The music was composed by Al Sack along with Gordon Zahler, Russell Hayden and Hal Hopper. Cinematography was done by Buddy Harris, John Mathew Nickolaus, Jr., Kenneth Peach and J.D. Weiler and editing by Tom Biggart, Reg Browne, Frank Capacchione, Everett Dodd, Axel Hubert Sr. and Roy V. Livingston. The show has a running time of 25 minutes for each episode. The show has a total of 78 episodes during it's run of 2 seasons. Distribution rights for the show were acquired by ABC Film Syndication.