• 2022

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Iniya is a 2022 tamil-language series written by Marimuthu and directed by Narayana Moorthy. Iniya was produced under the production house Saregama. Iniya features Alya Manasa, Praveena Pramoth, Santhana Bharathi, Mansi Joshi, Sai Madhavi, Rishi Raj and Udumalai Ravi. The screenplay is written by Rajarshri and Sekkizhar. The show has a running time of approx.20-22 minutes per episode for each episode. The show has a total of 350 episodes. It was released on 5th December 2022. The story is all about a bold and beautiful girl named Iniya. Under some un circumstances, she has to marry the cop Vikram. This serial narrates the problem faced by Iniya in Vikram's house and how she survives.