Maid in India Season 1

  • 2016

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MaidinIndia Season 1

Maid in India is a Hindi Web Series that will tickle your funny bone. This Indian Comedy Web Series stars Flora Saini along with Sandhya Mehta and Sahil Gandhi. Priyanka is no ordinary maid. She comes to work in a nano but that’s not the only special thing about her. She can send your life up a notch with her quick-wit-tips but beware… she can give any ‘malkin’ run for her money. Click here to Subscribe: Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Cast Maid: Flora Saini Housewife: Sandhya Mehta Husband: Sahil Gandhi Created by: Web Talkies Produced by: ABD Production Conceived, written and Directed by: Umesh Ghadge Executive Producer: Sanjay Bairagi Cinematographer: Rashid Beg Music: Nishant Pandey Editor: Jaskaran Singh Casting Director: Rohit Indoliya Chief Assistant Director: Abhishek Wadodkar Art Director: Sidhant Costume Stylist: Salil Kant Sound: K. C. Shree Kumar Graphics: Gaurav Madan Hair Stylist: Goma Gawli Make up: Imtiyaz Shaikh Production Manager: Shailesh Tripathi Assistant Director: Ratan Bansode, Dinesh Kumar Assistant Cinematographer: Pradeep Assistant Editor: Baljeet Salhan Casting Assistants: Adarsh Sharma Assistant Art Director: Munna Jaiswal Watch more video:

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Split Personality of Priyanka Bai