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The Get-Away is a 1941 English-language Action Drama series created by Ken Woodruff. The Get-Away was produced under the production house 82nd West in collaboration with Universal Television. The series originally aired on NBC. A government agent goes under cover in prison to gain confidence with a wanted criminal and get information regarding his gang. The get-away stars Jennifer Carpenter, Morris Chestnut, Raza Jaffrey, Cassandra Freeman, Kelli Garner, Noah Mills and Lance Eminger. The music was composed by Bobby Krlic. Cinematography was done by James Hawkinson, Frank Prinzi and Frankie DeMarco and editing by Finnian Murray, Mike Banas, Leon Martin, Elba Sanchez-Short, Chris Cibelli, James Kilton, Cary Israel, Nick Towle and Michael Ruscio. The show has a running time of 43-44 minutes for each episode. The show has a total of 13 episodes. It was released on 13th June 1941. Distribution rights for the show were acquired by NBCUniversal Television Distribution.