The Surreal Life

  • 2006

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The Surreal Life is a 2006 English-language Comedy series developed by Cris Abrego, Mark Cronin and Rick Telles. The Surreal Life was produced under the production house 51 Minds Entertainment in collaboration with Brass Ring Productions, Go Sick Productions, Mindless Entertainment and Renegade 82 Productions. The series originally aired on The WB and VH1. The Surreal Life is a show about celebrity has-beens, ones who were hot back in the day when they were on the A-List. This is what happens when they've fallen off that list long ago and are no longer in the public eye. As they live their day to day lives in a series of misadventures from odd confrontations to bizarre personal issues, they learn to live together as a family. Taking many people from the movie, television, and music industries, this is how they all live together in one Los Angeles mansion. It's how their life has become surreal. Written by monkeykingma. The surreal life features Dave Coulier, Jordan Knight, Brigitte Nielsen, Ryan Starr, Adrianne Curry, Christopher Knight and Andy Dick. The series has a running time of approx. 44 min. for each episode. The show has a total of 61 episodes during it's run of 6 seasons. Distribution rights for the series were acquired by : Debmar-Mercury.