About Kamalpur ( Jamalpur )

Jamalpur (community development block) (Bengali: ) is an administrative division in Bardhaman Sadar South subdivision of Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Jamalpur police station serves this block. Headquarters of this block is at Jamalpur.Jamalpur is located at 230400N 875900E. Jamalpur community development block has an area of 267.88 km2.[2] Unlike the rest of Bardhaman district, which lies to the north of the Damodar River, the Khandaghosh-Jamalpur-Raina area lies on the alluvial plains between the Damodar on its southern/ eastern side and the Dwarakeswar River. As a result, it has been a flood prone area.At some point of time the town was known as Salimabad.[5] In Petersons District Gazeteer of 1910 there is mention of Jamalpur and other police stations in Bardhaman subdivision.[6] In 1968-69, Jamalpur and other blocks were created.