About Katwa

Katwa (Bengali: ) is the head quarters of Katwa subdivision in the district of Bardhaman, West Bengal. The area has a rural charm and natural beauty, but many trading and other business activities has made it clumsy and congested. It is mostly a middle class residential area. The small town has a five hundred year history. The city's earliest known name was Indranee Pargana. Later the name was changed to Kantak Nagari and it became the fort area of Murshid Kuli Khan, Nawab of Bengal. Katwa was invaded by the Bargis (break-away Maratha groups) several times. This was the place where Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu got sannyasa from Kesava Bharati. Since then, this small township has been a sacred place for the Vaishnavites. This was the place of Jagi & Madhi meternal house. Katwa is located at 2339N 8808E / 23.65N 88.13E / 23.65; 88.13. It has an average elevation of 21m (69ft). It is situated between the Ajay River and the Hooghly River and so bounded by water to the...

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