About Kothagudem

Kothagudem is a Cosmopolitan and Industrial Town in Telangana. Kothagudem is a town in Bhadradri Kothagudem district of the Indian state of Telangana. Kothagudem is informally called as Indian "New York" which is literal translation from Telugu to English (Kotha = New , Gudem =York). It is the head quarters of Bhadradri Kothagudem district. It is located in Kothagudem mandal of the Kothagudem revenue division.

Other Providers with 3G/4G coverage in Kothagudem :


Vodafone Kothagudem Datacard Plans

₹ 16
24 hours
rs. 0 1gb 4g/3g data for 24 hours.
Pack last changed 17 August 2019
₹ 33
28 days
rs. 0 500 mb 4g/3g data for 28 days.
Pack last changed 17 August 2019
₹ 49
28 days
rs. 0 3gb 4g/3g data for 28 day.
Pack last changed 17 August 2019
₹ 98
28 days
rs. 0 6gb 4g/3g/2g data for 28 days.
Pack last changed 17 August 2019

Vodafone Kothagudem Datacard Packs

Vodafone Dealers near Kothagudem

Name Address
Sri Sathya Sai Communications 6 147 2 sri nagar IV line laxmi devi pally nrar murredu bridge kothagudem khammam 507101

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