About Nohar

Nohar is a city and a municipality in Hanumangarh district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Nohar is located at 2911N 7446E / 29.18N 74.77E / 29.18; 74.77. It has an average elevation of 186metres (610feet). Nohar is known for its history, old hawelies and poets. Bagri, a dialect of Rajasthani language, is spoken by the majority of population. Punjabi, Hindi, Sindhi, English, and Urdu are also in use in this tehsil. A little influence of Haryanvi language can also be noticed here because of close proximity, and the family relations of the people of Nohar with citizens of Sirsa district Haryana situated nearby. The famous Gogamadi temple is also in Nohar tehsil. Thousands of people come on a pilgrimage to Gogamedi and Gorakh-Tila. Surya Bhavan temple is a very old and famous temple, as is Sindhi Mandir. The recently-built Baba Shyam Mandir temple is an example of good architecture. The nearby Mataji temple in Pallu has strong faith of resident of Nohar and nearby. The...

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