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Panagarh (Bengali: ) is a small town in India, located in Kanksa police station of Durgapur subdivision in Bardhaman District of West Bengal. Both the Indian Army and Air Force have their establishment here. An airport is also located here which is extensively used by Indian Air Force. Panagarh is located at 2327N 8726E / 23.45N 87.43E / 23.45; 87.43. It has an average elevation of 58m (190ft). The Asansol-Durgapur region is composed of undulating laterite soil. This area lies between two rivers the Damodar and the Ajay. They flow almost parallel to each other in the region the average distance between the two rivers is around 30 km. For ages the area was heavily forested and infested with plunderers and marauders. The discovery of coal led to industrialisation of the area and most of the forests have been cleared. vehicle depot panagarh and ammunition depot panagarh are army largest military suppliers in the country. It is connected by both roads and railways...

Vodafone Panagarh Datacard Plans

₹ 16
1 day
rs. 0 get 1gb 4g/3g/2g data for 24 hours.
Pack last changed 23 January 2020
₹ 98
28 days
rs. 0 get 6gb 4g/3g/2g data. validity: 28 days.
Pack last changed 23 January 2020

Vodafone Panagarh Datacard Packs

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