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About Panchetgarh

Panchetgarh is a village, in Midnapur district of West Bengal State in India. It is located near the town of Egra, very near the border of Orissa State. Historical evidence points to the fact that one Murarimohan DasMahapatra of Athgarh in Orissa, who was an employee of the Emperor Aurangazeb, was rewarded for his services by a land grant at Panchetgarh and asked to set up a zamindari there. He established a village there where some of his descendants still reside. After the fall of the Mughals the area passed to the reighn of the Nawabs of Murshidabad. Later after conquest of the area by Marhattas, the Zamidari's control was vested with the Court of the Holkars at Indore. A legend of the family states that one of their ancestors had traveled all the way to Indore and presented himself before Queen Ahallya Bai Holkar, after which the family got back the Jagirdari. Parts of the old palace with the temples still survive. These temples are now under the Archaeological Survey of India...

Panchetgarh is in West Bengal & Sikkim telecom region.

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