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TTN is deploying Gigabit Ethernet PON and RFoG (RF over Glass) solution, the most spread FTTP/FTTH technology in the access network world, thereby maximizing the economical efficiency of optical feeders and providing scalable split ratio according to service requirements and service density. This deployment architecture enables seamless provision of Cable TV services and the Internet services on the same access. Also, this architecture paves the way for offering many future services on the same infrastructure, such as, Interactive TV with Video on Demand and a host of Value added services like home security, community entertainment, e-services etc.,. In short the applications will be limitless and left to the imagination and innovation only.

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Ttn broadband Speeds Across Different Cities





Average Speed12.46 Mbps
Max Speed32.21 Mbps



Average Speed2.44 Mbps
Max Speed2.47 Mbps



Average Speed2.16 Mbps
Max Speed2.61 Mbps



Average Speed2.43 Mbps
Max Speed2.43 Mbps

Reviews & Ratings of TTN Broadband

TTN Broadband

Signal 2/5
Speed 5/5
Service 3/5

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Provider TTN Broadband
Numbers 080-49232323, 080-49232323