BSNL Chennai / Madras Prepaid 2g GPRS Data Packs

Name Price Validity Benefits
Combo Topup - Rs. 80 Promo Talktime
₹ 7710 days 2G Data: 30 MB, extra @0.04/10KB. Promotional/Bonus Talktime: Rs.80.0
Pack last changed 19 February 2018
Plans are updated everyday. Page Last changed 19 February 2018

Best BSNL Chennai / Madras 2g gprs data

Do you keep your pulse on the internet at all times? Enjoy browsing with BSNL 3G Data Combo Pack 77 ,which costs Rs.77.0 for 30.0 MB GPRS Data.

Compare it with the best GPRS pack in Chennai / Madras, which is Aircel 2G Unlimited Data Pack 47 ,which is Rs.47.0 for Unlimited. GPRS Data.

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