Siti Networks Reviews

Page Last Updated 08 January 2018

Siti networks Reviews

Don't install siti broadband cause, they will slow down some sites dowload speed and they have port blocking. You can't use socks 4,5 proxy. They will control your download speed, meaning if you download a lot from a certain site then they will slow down the download speed from that site.

my plan is 2 mb but i canot use 1mb speed download

company claimed 50mbps speed but we are getting 4.9 mbps.. it is cheating.

Great Speed. Actual speed is much closer to 20Mbps.




they will carryout maintenance activity when ever they want without prior intimation and courtesy note/sms/msgs to the customers. their only customer care phone are hardly attended and even if they response your call they are very cold. there is no facility of paying your bill online. if you are not at home during the day when bills are collected, they will simply cut your connection. Again you have to start allover again.