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About Yellapur ( Yellapura )

Yellapur is a town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka in the country of India. Areca nut is the primary crop grown in the villages that surround the city, making it one of the major trading centers for the crop. 90% of the people in Yellapur are farmers who grow Areca nuts and rice.Yellapur is located in the Western Ghats section of Karnataka. Yellapur is located at 14.97N 74.72E.[2] It has an average elevation of 541 metres . Yellapur has two famous natural falls, and many other hills and valleys. Satoddi Falls: Satoddi Falls is one of the most well-known falls in Karnataka. It is at a distance of 25 km from the town of Yellapur. It is not possible to visit the falls in rainy season. November to April is the best time to visit the falls. On the outskirts of Yellapur, traveling towards Hubli, is the left turn that leads to Satoddi. Part of the road is an all-weather road but a portion, nearly one-third the distance, is not motorable during rains. Magod Falls: Magod Falls is situated 19 km away from Yellapur, in the village of Magodu. Here, the Bedthi river takes two distinct leaps to hurtle from a height of 650 ft. into a rocky ravine. Near the falls, there is a sunset point called Jenu Kallu Gudda where you can see a beautiful view of the sun set. There is a village called Kalache just 30 km from Yellapur. Hundreds of tourists visit this place every year. On the way from Yellapur to Magod falls, there is a lake in the midst of a forest called Kavdi Kere. Jenukallu Gudda Jenu means Honey, Kallu means stone and Gudda means hill. This place is a viewpoint in the Western Ghat, which offers a panoramic view of the hills packed one behind the other. Jenukallu Gudda is situated 17 km from Yellapur. The Bedti River from Magod falls runs across the green hills and descends all the way to join the Arabian Sea beyond the hills. The view of the valley is especially scenic during sunset.

Yellapur ( Yellapura ) is in Karnataka telecom region.

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