Anil Yadav



Anil Yadav is a North Indian actor who has notably portrayed the character of Demon king Ravana in the Jai Hanuman teleserial directed by Sanjay Khan in the mid-1990s.He belongs to a village called Dadupur Neela, Distt: Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.In the teleserial, Jai Hanuman,as Ravan, the Demon king, he is bedecked with numerous beaded ornaments, a magnificent and ornate crown, and brandishes a Khadag or a crescent shaped sword. His forehead bears the mark of three upward curved streaks of holy ash, to signify his devotion to Lord Shiva. He carries the Khadag weapon with him always. His body language is also brought to the fore as he delivers his dialogues with great power and impact.After this television stint, he has moved on to do Bhojpuri films.

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