What is 3gsimplified

The Indian mobile industry as you may be aware is vast and dynamic. In order to serve millions of customers, operators have introduced many many plans. These plans are complex and are impossible to analyse manually. Today you can buy mobile plans from multiple operators with prepaid/postpaid, pay per-minute/pay per-second, and a number of topups for each plan. Just for Internet access, you can pay per site, pay per usage duration, pay per a capped data limit or go for an unlimited data plan. For normal voice calls the options are even more numerous.

Most customers find it difficult to get an optimized mobile plan. Our site https://www.komparify.com aims to make this dead easy. You can tell us what you need and we quickly search for the plan / topup combination which is right for you, saving you the most money and with no hassle. Our engine cuts through the various choices and finds the best option for your usage.

For now we only concentrate on operators providing 3g services and 3g plans. We plan on covering all operators and all plans including 2g operators soon. This is the best time to change your operator. Operators are launching 3g services at competitive rates. Mobile number portability (MNP) has rolled out across India. This allows you to change your operator while keeping your number. 3G smartphones are also very very affordable today. One can easily get full featured blackberry and android smartphones for less than Rs. 10,000. Also unlike the west where there are special fees for tethering, you can use your mobile phone as a gateway for accessing the internet for your PC.

How Our Engine Works

Our engine looks for plans which meets your search criteria (for example every prepaid per-second plan in Tamil Nadu). To each plan we add topups which either give it some capabilities for example access to blackberry email or which reduce cost for example if you use a lot of SMS, we add a SMS topup. We then add it to our search results list and show it to you. While this sounds simple enough, the engine itself is pretty complicated. We optimize so that if you only use local SMS’s we add a local SMS topup (which would be cheaper) rather than a topup which gives local and national SMS’s.

Enough of an introduction. Go ahead use 3g simplified . Use the feedback widget to tell us what you think.

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