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Loading ... Speed Test tool is designed to check your current Broadband Internet Speeds. Your speeds can help you determine if your internet connection is sufficient for your needs such as browsing, file transfers streaming music, watching standard or high definition movies online, VOIP and so on. Our unique speed test tool works on all devices - desktops, laptops, table or mobile.

Tip: For better result, you can turn off all other internet activity such as close tabs on browsers and other apps using internet. If possible, take off other devices connected to the same internet. Based on your current speed, you can decide to improve performance, upgrade your speeds and choose between broadband providers in your city.

Note: There are a number of parameters that contribute to accurate internet speed measurements. Parameters include number of devices connected, latency, jitters, packet losses, wifi router proximity / interferences and so on. speed test tool merely measures speeds between your computer and the internet. It does not measure speeds at network interface device at your place or the current internet service provider.

Submit your speed test results now to check self-help guide to improving your internet speed performances.


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