Q: What is Komparify?

A: Komparify is a comparison engine that analyzes your mobile/data card usage patterns with the details that you key in and suggests you with a customized mobile/data card plan. Our ultimate motive is to provide you with a list of cost-effective choices that suits your pocket and your usage, so that you donít have to compromise on any of them.

Q: What are the different services that Komparify offer?

A: Right now, we are focused in giving accurate and up-to-date recommendations for 3G services and 3G plans across the 23 telecom circles in India. Our data card comparator is unique in that it compares 3G plans with CDMA data cards like Tata Photon+. We are planning to extend our services for 2G plans and other related verticals as well, soon.

Q: Is Komparify compatible across all browsers? Which are the browsers it is compatible with?

A: Komparify is compatible with modern browsers, Chrome, IE 8+, Firefox 3.6+

Q: Is Komparify also available as a Mobile App?

A: Yes. PlanHound is a prototype mobile application for the Android platform. The app looks at your call log and SMS log and using that makes accurate plan recommendations. The app automatically calculates the number of calls you made and whether the call is local /STD etc. The app thus serves as an approximate billing utility for prepaid users. Initial feedback for the app was gratifying. We plan on releasing it in the Android market soon. We are actively working on this app as we see great potential. We plan on expanding this to other platforms.

Q: What are the basic details that I need to fill in order to know my appropriate plan?

A: To get customized mobile plan:

Fill details of your region, type of plan and monthly call usage along with your SMS and 3G services usage. And in 3G services section,

To get customized data card plan:

Fill details of your region, type of plan and monthly data usage along with peak speed requirement. Also choose if you need unlimited data plan options.

Q: How accurate are your results?

A: Our engine which powers our search and compares features tries its best to match you with the best plan and topup combination – the one which saves you both time and money. However there may be a better combination for your usage which is not discoverable by our engine because

1) The plan is not in our database 2) The combination falls at the technical limit of our engine 3) There is a technical problem with our engine.

We try to ensure that you always get the best plan from our engine and we keep the engine powerful with rich and updated database. That said if you find something wrong with the results, do let us know

Q: How do I get Call & SMS usage details for my pre-paid mobile plans?

A: Initially when we did a lot of user testing we found that most users were prepaid subscribers and did not have a bill to give them a monthly statement. Obviously, they did not know how many minutes they spoke or SMSís they sent. We wanted to do a mobile application from the start. It was clear to us that the scope for our mobile app was a lot more. And so we have built a prototype mobile application for the Android platform PlanHound.

Q: Why do I need to fill the break-up details of my mobile/data usage?

A: Most sections in our site have optional break-up fields, which gives you a more accurate recommendation for your mobile/datacard plan. When you give us these break-up details precisely, it helps our system to optimize appropriate topups and ratecutters plans available across different operators from our database.

Q: How does ëKomparifyí analyze and recommend customized plans?

A: Take Karnataka for example, an usage of 1000 Local & STD minutes, 100 Local & National SMS and 300 MB of 3G data gives 64 different options to choose from. That is definitely complicated to choose from manually. Komparify sorts the results by estimated monthly cost and gives you a detailed breakdown of the cost as well.

Q: How can Komparifyís recommendation practically help me?

A: An optimized plan-topup combination can cost Rs 312 whereas a badly chosen plan can cost more than Rs 2000. Mobile number portability (MNP) has rolled out across India making this the best time to re-evaluate your mobile plan and change operators. This makes the site all the more relevant and necessary.

Q: The network operators constantly keep changing their tariff plans and offers. How frequent is Komparify updated?

A: On an average, we update our systems once every week. We are working on tools and processes to help us do this in real time.

Q: Every operator offers 3G plan, nowadays. What is 3G?

A: 3G is the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology. It delivers packet-switched data with better spectral efficiency, at speeds.

Q: What is difference between 3G on mobile phone and data cards?

A: The operators have launched 3G as small screen plans for mobile phones and large screen plans for datacards. 3G phones can accommodate broadband applications like video conferencing, video streaming etc. While 3G datacards deliver packet-switched data with better spectral efficiency, at speeds.

Q: Is 3G available on all mobile phones?

A: No. 3G features are available only on phones which support HSPA and WCDMA bands. This technology is intended for the smartphones and features increased bandwidth and transfer rates to accommodate Web-based applications and phone-based audio and video files.

Q: How is 3G different from 2G?

A: 3G networks have potential transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps (about 15 seconds to download a 3-minute MP3 song). For comparison, the fastest 2G phones can achieve up to 144Kbps (about 8 minutes to download a 3-minute song).

Q: Is 3G an expensive choice for regular users?

A: It completely depends on your data usage pattern. Komparify is your ultimate solution for making the right choices on 3G plans.