How to use 3gsimplified

1. Enter Your Usage

Tell us about your monthly usage – minutes you talk, SMS’s you send, Data you use etc.

2. Compare Plans

Compare Plans using detailed breakdowns. Modify your search to make it more specific.

3. Save Money

Choose the right plan + topup and save money!

Using our website is pretty simple. Our compare feature finds the right mobile plan and topup(s) for you. We also find the right datacard for you, if that is what you want. Answer questions on what kind of mobile plan you are looking for. To assist you on inputs, move your mouse over the “question mark”. On the second screen onwards you can tell us your usage. For example, if you use 100 minutes of voice calls, you can just move the slider to 100. We automatically adjust the local and STD variants based on national averages. If this does not meet your usage pattern, you can change this. Click on the + button and you can see more detail. If you are certain of your usage and know the detailed usage pattern then you can change this. Similarly, select amount of SMS’s you send, data you use and video calls you plan to use. Our engine also supports blackberry services.

After you have entered all the information, Hit “Begin Search”. Our engine will then go to work and show you the different choices ranked by increasing order of prices. The result shows you which plan you should take and which topups you need to add to the plan to get the best price. If you want to know how we arrived at the result hit the explain cost link and we will give you a detailed breakdown of how we calculated our cost.

You can filter and remove operators, prepaid/postpaid, per minute, per second plans and so on. You can also see how the different plans from different operators compare.

To see all the 3G or datacard plans that are available in your area, click on Browse button. Among the plans displayed, you can sort by any column – price, plan-type and so on. You can also look at which topups go with which plan and vice versa.

If you already have a bill, Then make sure you enter the most detailed information to get the most accurate results. To do this click on the button and go to the detailed breakdown. Operators usually give you detailed breakdowns on how many minutes were network to network and how many minutes were outside the network and so on. These are mappable in our system to in-network mobile and so on.