Ashwin or Ashvin or Ashwan (ə'ʃwɪn; আশ্বিন; अश्विन; Malay/Indonesian: Aswin; Thai: Asawin), also known as Aswayuja, is the seventh month of the lunisolar Hindu calendar, the solar calendar where it is known as Aipassi and the solar India's national civil calendar. It is the sixth month in the solar Bengali calendar and seventh in the lunar Indian national calendar of the Deccan Plateau. It falls in the season of Shôrot, (Hindi Sharad) or Autumn. In Vedic Jyotish, Ashwin begins with the Sun's enter in Virgo. It overlaps September and October of the Gregorian calendar and is the month preceding Diwali the festival of lights. In lunar religious calendars, Ashwin begins on the new moon after the autumn equinox.

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