Camille Hyde


Born: Washington, District of Columbia, USA


Power Rangers Dino Charge and its second season Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, is an American childrens television series that airs on Nickelodeon. It is the 2015 and 2016 entry in the Power Rangers franchise. The show follows the Power Rangers Tyler Navarro (Brennan Mejia), Shelby Watkins (Camille Hyde), Koda the caveman (Yoshi Sudarso), Riley Griffin (Michael Taber), and Chase Randall (James Davies) who protect the Earth from the evil alien bounty hunter, Sledge, who seeks the Energems to become invincible. The Power Rangers are later joined by the medieval knight Sir Ivan of Zandar (Davi Santos), his modern liege Prince Phillip III (Jarred Blakiston), their own tech expert Kendall Morgan (Claire Blackwelder), Tylers long lost father James (Reuben Turner, Dan Musgrove), and Keepers apprentice Zenowing who also become Power Rangers to stop Sledge, only to find his former prisoner Heckyl (Ryan Carter) has transformed into the more powerful evil alien Snide and he now wants to finish what Sledge has started and take over the Earth.

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