Charlene Simpson



Charlene Simpson is a fictional character played by actress Maree Cheatham on General Hospital. She was Colton Shores and Decker Moores mother. She also was Lucy Coes aunt. Charlene shows up in the fall of 1987 and Lucy convinces her new husband Tony Jones to hire her as their housekeeper, failing to admit that they are related. Charlene makes an instant enemy in Ruby Anderson by openly flirting with flattered hospital administrator Dan Rooney, but Dan assures Ruby that his heart belongs to her. Charlene aids Lucy in many of her schemes, and after Tony divorces Lucy, Charlene helps Lucy in her desire to land an even richer husband Alan Quartermaine. Charlene is mortified at their wedding when a switch in dresses sent to the bride to be results in Lucy wearing all red. Charlene is thrilled by the arrival of her two sons, Colton and Dekker, and often provided support during their romantic issues, although Charlene was not pleased when Dekker fell in love with mob princess Olivia St. John. In 1990, Charlene had to undergo a serious surgery which occurred during a hostage crisis at the hospital, risking her life as a patient. Charlene recovers, and the following year returns to her home in Texas after helping Dekker deal with the murder of his girlfriend Dawn Winthrop. Charlene would visit Lucy in 1997 for Thanksgiving when Scott Baldwin returned to down with his daughter Serena, whom Lucy had given birth to after an embryo transplant.Category:General Hospital characters

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