Mark Arnold


Born: Broomall, Pennsylvania, USA


Mark Arnold (born May 23, 1957; Broomall, Pennsylvania) is an American actor most notable for his role as a professional dancer named Gavin Wylie who became a rebel on the run on the ABC soap opera The Edge of Night from 1980-1983. From 1984-1985, he played the role of Joe Perkins, the original hero of the daytime soap Santa Barbara, replacing Dane Witherspoon. He also appeared on the serials Guiding Light, Rituals and as Rob Coronol #2 on One Life to Live from 1987 to 1989. In 1985, Arnold also played Michael J. Fox's character's nemesis, Mick McAllister, in the movie Teen Wolf. He also played a major part in the Full Moon "classics" Trancers 4 and Trancers 5. In 2009 he played the title character's father in the movie April Showers.

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