Robert Nolan



Robert Nolan is stage, screen and television actor proving to be a versatile talent. He is the narrator of History TVs The Real Inglorious Bastards directed by Gemini-winner Min Sook Lee which won the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards Best History or Biography Documentary Program or Series award.  Robert Nolans adaptability on-screen stems from a richly varied life. Born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Canadas wild Alberta west, Nolan has the experience of the new immigrant. He has worked white-collar and blue, then came to acting when completing his B.A. in English.He has since embarked on a career seeking out challenging varieties of roles in quality stories in every medium.  Nolan works on stage and screen, appearing in dramas and comedies including Jim Jones in Jonestown, the evil doctor of Twisted Pieces, a doctor reforming willful women in Silent Retreat and as the husband whose grief is subsumed by rage in the comedy Mourning Has Broken. In other film roles, he is a no-nonsense FBI agent taking control of an alien crash on an isolated farm in The Picco Incident, a reluctant and humane zombie hunter in Sick, a husband whose thoughts may not be his own in the critically-acclaimed award-winning Familiar, a desperate lab scientist in Canswer and an uncertain bank robber in Battleground’. Nolan appears as a father whose world has fallen away with the death of his daughter by a drunk driver in MADD Shattered which played to high school students across Canada. He is cast in the lead in the upcoming Tales From Hell in four distinct roles as a man whose many lives return him to the bonds of the fiery underworld.  Theatre roles include the lead in The Trial of Ken Gass, Bethune and principal roles in The Great Gatsby, Rebel Without a Cause and Macbeth. QUOTES: There arent many actors in Canada these days who are as intense, versatile and blessed with a wonderful sexy-ugly 70s-style screen presence as the criminally underused Robert Nolan. In another time and place, Nolan would have been a bonafide star - not in the pretty boy mould, but rather in the chiseled and alternately tough and sensitive manner of a Gene Hackman, a Ron Leibman or even a Harvey Keitel. Hes got leading man sensibilities, but the kind that would lead to what I like to think of as starring character roles. And yes, hes got the stuff, obviously, to be a great character actor in supporting roles, but hes proven thus far to be so goddamn good, I want to see as much of the guy onscreen as possible.” - - (Greg Klymkiw, Film Corner) Robert Nolan has great comedy chops. No one plays Hitler funnier than Nolan. - - (Steve Markle - Testees, Camp Hollywood) A fine actor... a very strong talent yet to be discovered by Hollywood. - - (Tommy Chang - Pacific Rim, Nikita) AWARDS: Best Actor - Mourning Has Broken (Las Vegas, Laughlin International Film Festival 2013) -Best Actor - Familiar (New York, Macabre FilmFestival)  Best Actor - The Devil Walks Among You (Canada, Hamilton Film Festival) Best Ensemble Cast - Out With Dad (LA Web Fest 2012) Best Actor - Scent of Rosemary (New York, Macabre FilmFestival)

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