Tilottama (तिलोत्तमा), is an Apsara (celestial nymph) described in Hindu mythology. Tila is the Sanskrit word for sesame seed or a bit and uttama means better or higher. Tilottama therefore means the being whose smallest particle is the finest or one who is composed of the finest and highest qualities.In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Tilottama is described to have been created by the divine architect Vishwakarma, at Brahmas request, by taking the best quality of everything as the ingredients. She was responsible for bringing about the mutual destruction of the Asuras (demons), Sunda and Upasunda. Even gods like Brahma and Indra are described to be enamoured of Tilottama.While a legend talks about a pre-birth as an ugly widow, another narrates how she was cursed to be born as a Daitya (demon) princess Usha by sage Durvasa.

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