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Aulad is a 1968 Hindi-language Comedy Drama motion picture written by Ranjan Bose, Rafi Ajmeri, Vishwanath Pande and Majrooh Sultanpuri. The movie is directed by Kundan Kumar and produced by Kundan Kumar under the banner of Kundan Films. Mamta lives a poor lifestyle with her husband, Dinu, and two sons, Mohan, and Sohan. When Ram Lal, the wealthy Zamindar, Kanta Prasad Gupta's Munim, comes to them to take Sohan to Mrs. Sharda Gupta for ten days, they reluctantly permit him to do so. After 10 days, Gupta himself approaches them and begs them to let his wife keep Sohan for life. They tearfully agree. Then Mohan gets into trouble, and Dinu scolds him, only to find out that Mohan has run away from home. A search proves futile, and the couple continue to live a childless life. Now 17 years later, Mamta is seriously ill, and asks Dinu to bring Sohan back. Dinu goes to the Zamindar's house where he meets a young man who identifies himself as the real son, Suraj, and informs him that Sohan has been asked to leave. A devastated Dinu loses his memory and roams listlessly on the streets of Calcutta, unable to remember anything. The question is will Dinu and Mamta be united with their sons during their respective lifetime, and what has become of Mohan, and who exactly is Suraj? Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com). Aulad features Jeetendra Kapoor in the title role along with an ensemble cast including Babita Kapoor, Mehmood Ali, Sujit Kumar, Nasir Hussain, Manmohan Krishna and Manmohan Talkh. The screenplay is written by Ranjan Bose. The music was composed by Chitra Gupta along with Chitragupta Shrivastav. Cinematography was done by V. Durga Prasad and editing by Kamalakar. It was released on 1st January 1968.

Release Date 01 JAN 1968



Comedy , Drama , Family

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