Azeem Banatwalla: Problems

  • 2019

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Azeem Banatwalla: Problems is a 2018 English-language Comedy film. Azeem banatwalla: problems features Azeem Banatwalla in the title role. It was released on 11th January 2019. Azeem Banatwalla's second stand-up special is a sharply-written and wickedly dark hour-or-so of comedy that taps into the inner, evil voice in the back of all our heads. Have you ever secretly thought about how lovely the world would be if half the population disappeared overnight? Do you secretly agree with Thanos's grand plan? Are you sick of guys codenamed Baba and Yogi skewing political narratives to distract you from the real issues? If you're silently nodding along as you read this, you're going to love Problems. A show written and perfected over two years, Problems is Azeem Banatwalla's magnum opus - a show in which he solves most of the biggest problems facing our great country - stupidity, moral policing, racism, religious indoctrination, overpopulation, Kashmir, the government, that hypothetical temple, and of course, Pigeons. If you have simpler tastes, there's also a joke about Salman Khan in there. Just for you. It's okay, nobody's judging you (Spoiler Alert: everyone's judging you)

Release Date 11 JAN 2019

English, Hindi



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