Bhediyon Ka Samooh: A Pack of Wolves

  • 1991

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Bhediyon Ka Samooh: A Pack of Wolves is a 1991 Hindi-language Action Crime motion picture. Anilkumar Shastry, whose father pressures him to accept bribes to better their lifestyles, assumes charge as an Assistant Customers Collector in Bombay. He will soon be pitted against rival customs agents, Shivdasani and Gupta, their respective goons as well as corruption and inefficiency in his very own department. Then violence erupts, Gupta and several of his men are killed, and Anilkumar finds evidence against Shivdasani and has him arrested. Shortly thereafter he will find his life turned upside down when his girlfriend, Rohini, will be abducted and held for ransom, and he will have to face public scrutiny, possible alienation from his family, after everyone finds out Rohini is actually the daughter of a prostitute. Written by rAjOo ( Bhediyon ka samooh: a pack of wolves features P.l. Ahuja, Praful Ambekar, Brahmachari, Sunil Chavan, Mohan Choti, Mario D'costa and Raju Wadera. It was released on 1st January 1991.

Release Date 01 JAN 1991



Action , Crime , Drama

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