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Kapoor & Sons (Alternate Title: Kapoor & sons - since 1921) is available to stream on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Spuul. It was released in 2016 and has a runtime of 132 minutes. Amarjeet Kapoor's (Rishi Kapoor) dying wish is that his children and grandchildren take a family picture together and have it titled as, 'Kapoor and Sons- since 1921'. What seems to be an easy task turns out much harder than expected when one secret after another about each family member is revealed. Watch to find out if this dysfunctional family can carry out an old man's dying wish.

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Release Date 17 MAR 2016
Run Time 132 MINUTES
Budget 380 MILLION



Comedy , Drama , Romance

Cast & Crew


Rahul and Arjun have returned back home- to Coonoor, to be with their grandfather in (what they think will be) his last few days, after he has a heart attack at the age of 90. Rahul, for his age, seems to have built a pretty good life for himself; a good looking man, doing very well professionally, living in a swanky apartment in London, and also planning to pursue architecture along with writing. On the other hand is his younger brother- Arjun. Arjun is also an aspiring writer, living in New Jersey, clearly struggling to make ends meet.These two brothers arent exactly the inseparable brother duo we are used to seeing in our movies. The awkwardness and tension between them is apparent from the word go. Their arrival in India quickly unfolds their individual relations with their parents as well. Rahul is clearly the perfect one, loved by all, Arjun seems like the neglected one who according to the family is too immature/irresponsible to take decisions.The brothers arrive in India to find that their little family isnt as perfect as they had imagined. Their parents no longer sleep in the same room and their father seems to have developed a relationship with a long time family friend, which is making their mom uncomfortable. Furthermore, the family is going through a severe financial crunch as well. The brothers have returned to the same old home, but with totally different dynamics. Their parents get into quarrels over their financial situation, ending marriage, and other bad decisions. The sons on the other hand have their own battles with the parents, and with each other.Arjun has an old friend in Coonoor who helps him get out of the steaming pot environment in his house. One night, the friend takes Arjun out for a party to a friends place, which is where he meets Tia. Tia is a, attractive, flamboyant, young girl who Arjuninstantly strikes a chord with.Rahul meets Tia as well, regarding a business deal they are trying to strike, and even here, there is a certain equation right from the word go. We see the onset of another point of tension between the brothers- a love triangle.As the story unfolds, we realise that all the characters have had their fair share of mistakes and bad decisions. The family members who seem perfect arent necessarily so, and the ones who seem imperfect have had good reasons for their actions. Are the brothers able to bring back normalcy to their house? Are they able to resolve their own issues? What happens to the Tia-Arjun-Rahul trio? Is the grandfather able to get the perfect family photo hes been striving for? The answer to all these questions and many more forms the crux of the story.

To find out what happens next watch the full movie on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Spuul.

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