Ladka Ladki

  • 1966

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Ladka Ladki is a 1966 Hindi-language Comedy Drama motion picture directed by Som Haksar. Girdharilal Patwarilal offers two feuding artistes, Asha and Kishore, to come together and form a Free Club to entertain people free of cost, to which they agree. Kishore finds out that he has been named as the sole survivor of a small kingdom, and asks his friend, Jagmohan, to go there and make arrangements in advance, leaving Kishore free to visit his ailing mother and a sister, Laxmi, who is child-widow. Kishore would like his sister to get married to Jagmohan. Unfortunately, the people mistake Jagmohan as the crown prince, and make him their king, and get him married to a noble-woman by the name of Nirmaladevi. When Kishore finds out, he is devastated because his sister cannot get married; his mother passes away, and Kishore loses his sanity and is hospitalized in a mental institution. Will Kishore ever get better? Will Laxmi ever get married? Written by rAjOo ( Ladka ladki stars Kishore Kumar, I.s. Johar, Mumtaz Askari, Sujit Kumar, Laxmi Chhaya, Raj Mehra and Shyamlal. The music was composed by Madan Mohan Kohli. It was released on 1st January 1966.

Release Date 01 JAN 1966



Comedy , Drama

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