Sweet Old World

  • 2012

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Sweet Old World is a 2012 English-language Drama movie. Sweet Old World is inspired by my personal documentary film, The Band (PBS series P.O.V., 1998), in which I followed my son through his junior year in high school as we both struggled with the death of his brother seven years earlier. It tells the fictional story of a father (Brian) and teenage son (Ethan) whose lives were shattered when the son's brother was killed in an accident seven years earlier. Both trapped in their own private grief and pain, their relationship has grown strained and cold over the years. The return of the dead son's best friend, who had left town with his family after the accident, causes Brian and Ethan's carefully constructed protective shells to shatter-bringing them both to the brink of disaster and the potential for a new life and relationship. Throughout, the story is driven by Ethan, whose new found, and mingly uncharacteristic willingness to flirt with danger under the influence of his brother's friend forces Brian to confront his own buried grief. Filming in the Summer and Fall of 2010, that story will be told in the midst of a typical year in the life of the South Pasadena High School Marching Band in South Pasadena, California, as a hundred disparate teenagers and their teachers start from scratch to mold a complex program of music and motion. We are filming the narrative story with actors who become part of the band and live through that experience while their story unfolds. Written by David Zeiger. Sweet old world features John Nielsen in the title role along with an ensemble cast including Jacques Colimon, Gwendolyn Oliver, Eric Peter-kaiser, Julia Rose, Max Adler and A. Russell Andrews.

Release Date 2012
Run Time 1 HOUR 26 MINUTES




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