A Tale Of Greed Beyond Fear
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Tumbbad is available to stream on Amazon Prime. It was released in 2018 and has a runtime of 104 minutes. Tumbbad is a 2018 Hindi Thriller Horror film. The Film was Produced by Sohum Shah and Amita Shah. It features music composed by Atul Gogavale. The Film stars Sohum Shah in the lead role along with Ronjini Chakraborty, Anita Date, Harish Khanna, Mohd Samad in supporting roles. It was released on 12th October 2018. The Film was made on a budget of ₹15 crore and at the box office it grossed only ₹12 crore.Barve started writing the script based on a story by Marathi writer Narayan Dharap his friend had told him in 1993.

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Certificate A (INDIA)
Release Date 12 OCT 2018
Run Time 104 MINUTES
Budget ₹ 15 CRORES

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi


Thriller , Horror , Mystery , Drama

Cast & Crew


In 1947, Vinayak Rao tells his 14-year-old son Pandurang about the Goddess of Prosperity who gave birth to 160 million gods, but Hastar was her first and most beloved offspring who was greedy for all the gold and food. The other gods attacked Hastar, but the goddess saved him on the condition that he could never be worshipped and would be forgotten by history. Vinayak's mother serves the local lord Sarkar in his mansion, including offering sexual services, hoping to acquire a single gold coin kept with his Hastar statue. Vinayak and his brother Sadashiv worry about having to feed the monstrous old woman who is their grandmother and is chained in a separate room. Sarkar later dies and the mother proposes finally leaving Tumbbad for Pune, but Vinayak insists on finding the treasure that is rumored to be hidden somewhere in the mansion. Sadashiv becomes badly hurt after falling from a tree, forcing Mother to take him for help. Mother tells Vinayak he will have to feed his grandmother. She also warns that if the old woman wakes up, Vinayak should say the name Hastar to make her sleep. Sadashiv dies on the way to the doctor.

Mother directs her carriage driver to Sarkar's mansion where she retrieves the gold coin. The monstrous old woman attacks and shackles Vinayak who eventually remembers Hastar's name and uses it to make her fall asleep. Desperate to escape his life of poverty, Vinayak returns to Tumbbad and the old woman warns him he will be cursed to become a monster like her if he touches the treasure. The old woman ultimately explains that the well leads to the goddess womb where Hastar dwells. Although Hastar stole the goddess gold, he was unable to acquire her grain. Therefore he desires flour. Vinayak physically trains to climb up and down a long rope and makes dolls out of dough to lure Hastar inside the goddess womb. While Hastar is distracted by the food, Vinayak swipes at Hastar's loincloth containing the gold. Vinayak regularly repeats the procedure to steal dropped coins. He offers his first gold coin to opium merchant Raghav to pay off a debt. Each time he needs more money, Vinayak returns to Tumbbad to steal from Hastar.

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  • Rahi Anil Barve
    ( Director )


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