Les valseuses

  • 1974

72 %

Les valseuses is a 1974 English-language Documentary Crime show created by Thomas L. Miller, Robert L. Boyett, Robert Griffard and Howard Adler. The series was Produced by Supervising Producers:, Alan Eisenstock, & Larry Mintz, Robert Blair, Deborah Oppenheimer, Ronny Hallin, Shari Hearn and James O'keefe under the banner of Miller-Boyett Productions in collaboration with Lorimar Television. for ABC. Two whimsical, aimless thugs harass and assault women, steal, murder, and alternately charm, fight, or sprint their way out of trouble. They take whatever the bourgeois characters value: whether it's cars, peace of mind, or daughters. Marie-Ange, a jaded, passive hairdresser, joins them as lover, cook, and mother confessor. She's on her own search for mingly unattainable sexual pleasure. Written by. Les valseuses features Alan Ruck, Jerry Levine, Heather Locklear, Hallie Todd, Holland Taylor, Staci Keanan and David Schifter. The music was composed by Jesse Frederick along with Bennett Salvay. The show has a running time of 22-24 minutes for each episode. The show has a total of 19 episodes. It was released on 20th March 1974. Distribution rights for the series were acquired by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.