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About Basti

Basti district , is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state, India and Basti town is the district headquarters. Basti district is a part of Basti Division. Basti was originally known as village. The origin of name Vaishishthi is attributed to the fact that this area was the Ashram of Rishi Vashistha in ancient period.lord rama with his younger brother laxman had been here for some time with rishi vasistha. The tract comprising the present district was remote and much of it was covered with forest. But gradually the area became inhabitable, for want of recorded and reliable history it cannot, with any degree of certainty, be said how the district came to known by its present name on account of the original habitation having being selected by the Kalhan Raja as a seat of his Raj, an event which probably occurred in the 16th century. In 1801,. Basti became the Tehsil headquarters and in 1865 it was chosen as the headquarters of the...

Basti is in UP EAST telecom region.

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Providers with 4G coverage in BASTI :

Idea, Vodafone

Providers with 3G coverage in BASTI :

Idea, Vodafone

Mobile recharge and Datacard dealers near Basti

Name Address
Idea Point Store Karuwa Baba Chwok , Near New Colony . Mangal Bazar Purani Basti
Idea Store Karuwa Baba Chwok , Near New Colony . Mangal Bazar Purani Basti
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_PARVEEN TELECOM walterganj Bazar-272002 Phone Num : 8573025196
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Deepak Mobile Centre WAJIDPURAINA-271607 Phone Num : 8932094034
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Raunak Mobile Karma Puthak Bhanpur Basti -272190 Phone Num : 7860215237
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_GUPTA ELECTRONIC Vichunpur Kharahna-271306 Phone Num : 7619948829
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Girija Nai Basti Vns-221001 Phone Num : 8808411722
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Sachau Lal Nai Basti Vns-221001 Phone Num : 7309025955
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_SUNIL MOBILE SHOP usra sahid sk nagar-272126 Phone Num : 9616287414
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Bombay Watch Odwara Bazar Basti-272002 Phone Num : 7860030358
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Krin Pco Tinch-272163 Phone Num : 9506502568
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Sangram Pco Tilhawa-272001 Phone Num : 8808150626
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_PRIYA PUSTAK MANDIR CHILMA BAZAR BASTI Basti-242401 Phone Num : 8572961953
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Rohit Telecom Tikari Mandhata Pratapgarh-230402 Phone Num : 7619955907
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Kumar digital studio ovarideeha -272194 Phone Num : 8573018911
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Hello Point Chataura1-272001 Phone Num : 9889406065
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_agrahari mobile karmhiya bazar basti-272190 Phone Num : 7678822526
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Sanjay mobile center Survarkala-272112 Phone Num : 7271931683
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Ram Khad Sultanpur Basti-272401 Phone Num : 9598024931
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_VK Mobile Sonupar-272202 Phone Num : 7309065520