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Guiding you to the right 3G plan Enter https://www.komparify.com/ promising to be your shopping assistant in the telecom supermarket.

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Simply, sweetly 3Gsimplified will help you make the most of a plan, instead of hopping from one to another to cut costs, making it easier to choose without being daunted by a telecom company’s intricate brochure.

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Technology Unplugged “Phone-tastic” We want to make sure that our customers make the right decisions and select the plans that best serves their money.

New Indian Express – Express buzz

Smartly simplify They believe, “credibility comes with accuracy.” Their aim is to provide accurate information that will benefit decision makers.

Live Mint- Online edition of The Mint business newspaper

A Plan to shrink the mobile phone bills

After painstakingly collecting publicly available information on various plans offered by telecom operators in India, the web developers hoped to put an end to huge phone bills with their simplified search engine.



Phone-tastic As built a prototype mobile application of komparify.com that runs on the android platform. The application reads the user’s call and message logs and makes accurate plan recommendation.



The Indian Express

Desi startups The website is very easy to use and also tells you which service provider is more cost effective. The website also has a great blog which tends to clear common doubts on 3G services, wi-fi hotspots and so on.


Interview With Ankit Chhajer – komparify.com An innovative website by Cheeni Labs that provides an extensive comparison tool on the current available mobile and data plans.


Delhite gets a bill shock, asked to pay over Rs 1.5 lakh for 3G services A post-paid user from Delhi got the shock of his life when he received a cellphone bill of Rs 162,411, almost all of it for using 3G services.Read on to find a solution for such bill shocks…


Find the best mobile plan via 3GSimplified – Entrepreneur Ankit Chhajer When we showcased our mobile app prototype – to accurately measure your mobile usage – at a startup event in Chennai, most of the crowd already wanted that app on their phones.


India Start-up Helps You Compare Mobile Price Plans The idea is simple but it saves many consumers the trouble of going through each telecom’s website to research and compare mobile plans.



PlanHound Android app suggests the best mobile plans based on your usage Now, forget the tension of choosing the plan that suits you. This app does it all and you just need to select the one you need from the list.


Planhound Android app lets you choose the best plans Service providers for mobiles have a zillion different schemes and the user usually misses out on the scheme that suits him the best. buPlanHound targets precisely this problem; it helps you choose the best plan for yourself.


PlanHound Android App Tracks Your Mobile Usage, Then Recommends Better Plan Once the app “understands” your usage levels, it will recommend a list of plans that better suits your needs.


Find the Perfect Mobile Plan and Save Money! The Plan Hound app was one of the shortlisted entries at the Nasscom Emerge contest and secured the third position. If you want to save on your monthly mobile bill but don’t have the time to analyze your call logs, get this app! Get updates on What we do and What the media has to say about us.

Business Today

BT-Nasscom Roundtable with Application Developers At the NASSCOM-Business Today roundtable, Cheeni Labs designed Plan Hound was one of the seven winners of the AppFame contest, a Nasscom initiative, which awards innovative application developers in India.

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