Rajat Dholakia

Actor, Writer


Rajat Dholakia is an Indian composer known for his work on Firaaq (2008), Mirch Masala (1987) and Holi (1985). He has been credited with introducing Chhattisgarhi music to Bollywood, and won the 1991 National Film Award for best music director for the film Dharavi directed and written by Sudhir Mishra and in 1992 won award for the film Sunday directed by Pankaj Adwani In childhood he learned the Basics of Music from his father, Shri Dileep Dholakia (noted Composer-Singer from Hindi and Gujarati Films, who mastered Classical music in Bhendibazaar Gharana from his guru Ustad Amaanali Khaan Saaheb) Rajat's main Goal was Music and Film based Technical career, from 1973 he started learning Western music, Staff notation and arrangement of music from The great Western Classical Teacher Pandit Ramprasad Sharma... (Father of famous composer Pyarelal Sharma, of the legendary Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo). To know the further technicalities of Music, he started learning Classical Guitar from his french friend Mark Salaun (classical and Flemingo guitar master). Then learned arranging film musical score for Songs and Background Music from the great film Arranger Shayamrao Kamble. He started his career with producing music in Gujarati and Hindi Theatricals. He has given music in around 300 plays so far. Juku has contributed sound design and music in around 8000 National and International commercial adfilms and public services films. Currently he is busy composing western classical and fusion symphonies.