The name Robert is a Celtic and Germanic given name, from Proto-Germanic *χrōþi- fame and *berχta- bright. Compare Old Dutch Robrecht and Old High German Hrodebert (a compound of hruod fame, glory and berht bright). It is also in use as a surname.After becoming widely used in Continental Europe it entered England in its Old French form Robert, where an Old English cognate form (Hrēodbēorht, Hrodberht, Hrēodbēorð, Hrœdbœrð, Hrœdberð) had existed before the Norman Conquest. The feminine version is Roberta. The Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish form is Roberto.Similar to the name Richard, Robert is also a common name in many Germanic languages, including English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Icelandic. It can be used as a French, Irish, Scottish, Finnish, and Estonian name as well.

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