Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes

  • 2024

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Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes is a 2024 Indian TV series that falls under the espionage thriller genre. It revolves around undercover intelligence officers Ravi and Parvati, who work to identify and neutralize terror threats while maintaining their cover as regular employees of the meteorological department.

The series stars Divyanka Tripathi as Parvati Sehgal, Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma, and Swaroopa Ghosh as Ronjeeta Ray. The cast also includes actors like Tarun Anand, Prashant Nadkarni, Vikram Sehgal, Zara Khan, and others in supporting roles.

The storyline and characters have received mixed reviews from users, with some expressing concerns about certain character names and the portrayal of religious identities.

The series premiered on April 11, 2024, in India and is in the Hindi language. It has garnered attention for its unique premise and production quality.